Diesel engine conversion kit (to SVO, R5, Fr)
[2-tank kit]

A Diesel engine conversion kit allows to convert a contemporary Diesel engine (for example from your vehicle, or from a dedicated stationary engine for power generation) to run on straight vegetable oil (SVO) -also called pure plant oil-. Contemporary engines have direct-injection systems making them unsuitable for use with SVO as this is a thicker and somewhat less ignitable fuel. Back in the day, even SVO could easily be burned in a Diesel engine as these engines were not yet fitted with direct-injection systems. Rudolph Diesel even envisioned his engine to run on vegetable oils, and not let his machine become a tool of planetary destruction. With a conversion kit, we can make his green dream a reality. Conversion kits allow even direct-injection engines to run on SVO by preheating the SVO making the fuel "runnier" and so allowing it to pass through the fuel inlet unhindered, aswell as ignite easier.

It should be noted that gasoline engines can not be converted to run on SVO. This is due to the fact that gasoline engines use spark ignition rather than compression ignition. The spark ignition method will not ignite SVO (nor petroDiesel for that matter). You could however have this engine run on an alcohol (ie ethanol or biobutanol). The first might require some changes on the engine (carburettor), the second shouldn't require any changes at all.

Diesel SVO conversion kits come in 2 types: the 1-tank type and the 2-tank type. The first type obviously has just one tank and is made to run only on SVO. The second type uses 2 tanks and is started on another fuel found in the other tank (ie petroDiesel, biodiesel or ethanol) and the fuel is then switched (using valves) to SVO (found in the first tank). For stopping the engine, the fuel is switched again to the other fuel (ie petroDiesel, biodiesel or ethanol). The reason for this is that this way, the engine is always started on the lighter fuel, which ensures there are never any problems. With the first type, this is adressed by heating the SVO better. Although that generally works, there aren't too many companies offering these more complex systems, and we off-gridders rather use a more reliable system, even if there's a bit more labour involved using this second system. Although a second fuel is needed, some of these (ie ethanol) can be made DIY.

It should be noted that one other distinction can be made: how the SVO is heated; basically this can be done using heated water lines or using electric heater coils. Some manufacturers (such as Arctic Fox) do the latter, but most use the heated water lines method.

This kit is useful for people living in region 5.

Besides this manufacturer, other manufacturers too exist that sell similar equipment in this region. These include:
* Plantdrive.ca
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