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The OTGL database is made to help the customer of picking the best type of components for his off-grid building and/or for living more ecologically. We do so by providing a logical listing of our products, which alhence allowing the customer to compare easily between the different types of renewable power plants, green vehicles, ...

Our main motivation is to increase sales of companies in the small-scale green power production business, and related branches (personal water supply, green transport, ...), hereby benefitting nature/the planet, and simultaneously also increasing the resilience of people/nations against the effects of global warming, natural disasters, ...

The latter is possible as in a system that uses only a few large power plants there is, obviously, a larger power production problem if one power plant fails compared to a system in which there are many smaller power plants. A system like this (using many small power plants) has been proposed in the past, by people like Thomas Edison, although it ultimately failed against Nikola Teslas large power plant & distribution system. The reason for this failure however was due to the better operating charisteristics and ease of use of AC power vs DC power, and did not have anything to do with the difference of using more, smaller power plants as opposed to operating fewer, larger, power plants. Actually, the distribution is actually way worse with the latter, as more and longer power lines are needed which mean there is more energy loss. In the 2CN off-grid energy system we propose for general use, we mainly use AC power (although it is possible to use both DC aswell, ie for the possibility of storing power in electrochemical batteries, ...); and as such we eliminate Edisons DC-problem. Assuming you do not live on such a remote location that a connection to the mains power grid is uneconomical, we still advise a connection to the mains power grid btw (if you do live that remotely, our system is still cost-effective without it aswell, but less so). Besides allowing net metering that way (generating revenue for excess power you produce), it is also possible to supply power to the mains electricity grid at times when there is no or little power available on it. By providing power at off-peak hours, you can earn more revenue per kW produced, and you also "hybridize" the Tesla system, directly benefitting your neighbours in the process by making it more resilient.

The maker(s) of this database can not be held responsible for any wrong products you bought after reading about it on this database. Also, please bear in mind that the accuracy of the information found here is subject to change over time (not everything found here may be up to date.
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