About AE Projects

The purpose of the AE Projects (AEP) website is to promote and effectively introduce augmented ecotourism projects.
Augmented ecotourism is a form of tourism to fragile natural areas , conducted in such a way that it conserves the environment and immerses the tourist into the local culture, with its history and traditions. It brings the tourist into immediate contact with local craftsmanship, and ensures local arts/crafts businesses of increased sales/revenue. It does the latter by creating a direct cooperation between resort/touroperator and arts/crafts businesses, rather than having them work alongside each other.
By supporting traditional skills and crafts, it has an even lower impact than regular ecotourism since the materials they thus use come directly from "nature" (no industrial materials are used). This changes the mentality of the craftsmen in a positive way and ensures that the become guardians of these natural places where they obtain their material from. For example, a carpenter who works with wood from the forest will become dependand on the forest for obtaining his wood. He thus considers the wood as his livelihood, respects it and becomes a guardian for it.
For the resort/touroperator, the immersion of the tourist into the local culture/history also has its benefits as it creates a more unique experience, and increases the chance of revisitation by the tourist. This translates into greater financial profit.

About NPO Projects

NPO Projects is our NGO which works out real-life field projects. NPO Projects provides the opportunity to frontline volunteers to work out field projects, many of which who fall into the "augmented ecotourism" category. The primary preparation of these field projects is done by our backline volunteers.